The Founder

Leslie I. Szabo

Founder of the “Energy by Motion” (EBM) Clean Energy Technology

Leslie I. Szabo, The Founding Chairman, CEO of Gamma Manager Kft., Hungary, and Electro Erg. Ltd., Founder of the “Energy by Motion” (EBM) Clean Energy Technology, had over 50 years’ experience in the public utility and energy business in Canada, USA and Europe.

Leslie Szabo had managed projects in excess of $30 Billion U.S Dollars in the utility, energy, pipeline and research and development fields.

Leslie Szabo
Leslie Szabo conducting a Management Engineering Workshop at Gamma Management Engineering Ltd. in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada in 1967,

From 1985 to 2018 Leslie Szabo was dedicated to researching, developing and managing the EBM Clean Energy Technology.

Leslie Szabo
Leslie Szabo in an informal meeting in regards to the EBM Clean Energy Technology in the laboratories of Gamma Manager Kft. in Budapest, Hungary, in 2013.

Founding Chairman: L.I. Szabo, Electro Erg. Ltd. Global, and Gamma Manager Kft., Hungary

  • Born: February 12, 1933
    • Szeged, Hungary
  • Education: 1956
    • MS Engineering, University of Miskolc, Hungary
  • Associate Professor: 1956
    • Mechanical Engineering, Sopron University, Hungary
  • Research and Development Engineer: 1957
    • National Coal Board, London, England
  • Design Engineer: 1957-1959
    • Dominion Bridge Company Ltd., Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
  • Director of Economics: 1959-1963
    • Public Utilities Board, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
  • Chairman and CEO: 1963-1985
    • Gamma Management Engineering Ltd., Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
  • Chairman, CEO, of The EBM Clean Energy Technology:
    • Electro Erg. Ltd., Global, 1985-2018
    • Gamma Manager Kft., Budapest, Hungary, 1986-2018