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Welcome to EBM Energy by Motion

Welcome to EBM

The “Energy by Motion” (EBM) Clean Energy Technology is the result of over 30 years of patented scientific research and development in North America and Europe, defining a new order of distributed power generation, to produce clean, sustainable and affordable energy for household, commercial and utility applications.

The EBM Clean Energy Technology is setting a new standard in the energy equation in the non-fossil fuel industry which includes solar, wind and geothermal sources. Using its own non-toxic magnetic driving field for additional fuel, it can be completely off-grid, if desired or needed, and is competitively cost-effective. The return on invested capital in terms of years can be less than half of other comparable technologies.

Gamma Manager Kft. is offering purchasing and investment options in the EBM Clean Energy Technology, and calls upon individuals and organizations in partnering with us in our mission of providing a solution for a greener and environmentally safe world, at an affordable price.

We can electrify the impoverished communities on this planet - L.I. Szabo