Gamma Manager Kft.

Developer of the EBM Clean Energy Technology

Developer of the “Energy by Motion” (EBM) Clean Energy Technology

Gamma Manager Kft.’s predecessor, Gamma Management Engineering Ltd., began its operation in 1963 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, providing consulting, construction, and expert witness services to electric power, gas pipelines, and telephone utilities in Canada, the United States, South America and Europe. At peak periods Gamma Management Engineering Ltd.’s professional staff exceeded 400 and completed projects between 1963 and 1980 valued at several billion CAD.

Original Logo
The Gamma Logo, c.1966

In 1985, Electro Erg. Ltd. was established to finance the research and development of the EBM Clean Energy Technology. In 1986, Gamma Manager Kft., Gamma Management Engineering Ltd.’s successor, collaborated with various manufacturing companies around the globe and developed the EBM Clean Energy Technology in Toronto Canada, Houston USA, London England, and Budapest Hungary. Today, the head office of Gamma Manager Kft. is situated in Budapest, Hungary.